Course Package Deals

Course Package Deals are available

Spanish Studio is offering 5-month program packages and course packages for private (1-1) students.

Please see below the descriptions for group packages and private course packages to determine what program will work best for you. An evaluation of your proficiency is required prior to registration. Please call 702-689-6802 for your free evaluation and for any questions you might have.


All group packages are a 5-month program of 40 hours offered 2 times per year.

Every first Saturday of March and every first Saturday of September.

2 hours per class

Minimum 3 students maximum 6 students per group.

All materials included

Certificate of hours complete

The student will be exposed in every class to grammar and practical skills. Conversation, listening, writing, reading and interactive activities.

Level 1. Beginner Foundations

Saturday: 9 to 11

Level 1 is for the student with no knowledge or very little knowledge of the language. The student will learn how to work with basic grammar, verbs, beginning of conversation, writing, reading and listening.

Every class will be part grammar and part practical skills where the student will get the opportunity to put into practice what he/she is learning.

Prerequisites: Evaluation of proficiency is required.

Objective: At the end of this course the student should be able to comprehend and speak in a basic simple conversation.

Level 2. Beginner Advance

Saturday: 12 to 2

In Level 2, the student will navigate thru the more complex Spanish grammar, learning how to expand his/her conversational skills in daily routine or at a professional level using present and future oral expression.

Prerequisites: Must have Level 1 proficiency.

Objective: The student will be able to feel comfortable in a Spanish speaking environment being able to join conversations and comprehend when spoken to.

Level 3. Intermediate

Saturday: 3 to 5

Level 3 will take the student thru the tenses of the past while growing a more refined vocabulary. This class will focus on putting all it has been learned into the past while expanding the vocabulary and speed of conversational/listening skills.

Prerequisites: Oral presentation will be required or proof of proficiency of Levels 1 and 2.

Objective: The student should be able to hold any conversation at an intermediate/advance level in the present, past and future. This class will be conducted mostly in Spanish.


All individual private courses are 20 hours per package. The student can choose choose what day and time to come to class.

This course is set for 20 hours, we understand that everybody learns at a different speeds, in case of a student needing more than 20 hours to finish the package, Spanish Studio can offer different alternatives to complete the course.

Every class is 1 hour long.

All materials and homework are included.

Certificate of hours complete.

In all the courses the student will be exposed to grammar and practical skills.

Conversation, listening, writing and reading comprehension.

An evaluation of proficiency is required, please call 702-689-6802 to schedule the evaluation or for any questions you might have.

Level 1. Beginner 1

This course is for the student with very little knowledge or no knowledge at all. In this course the student will learn the foundation of the language, the conjugation of verbs, sentence structure and the verb TO BE.

Prerequisites: Call for evaluation of proficiency.

Objective: At the end of this course the student will be able to have a very simple conversational skill between friends and be able to read simple text and comprehend.

Level 1. Basic 2

The student at this level will learn more complex verbs and when to use “por” and “para” the correct way.

Prerequisites: Must be able to conjugate verbs and know TO BE

Objective: The student’s comprehension of the grammar and conversational skills will improve to a much open conversational level.

Level 2

In level 2 the student will learn complex/advance grammar to help him/her expand the conversational skills at a more complex level.

Prerequisites: Level 1 proficiency.

Objective: Student should be confident in speaking and listening in a professional and/or informal environment in the present tense.

Level 3

The student will learn how to put everything that has been learned into the future and past.

Prerequisites: Oral presentation in the present tense.

Objective: The student at this level should be able to have any type of conversation feeling comfortable and secure in his/her skills in any environment.

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