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April 4, 2018...Wednesday at 6:30pm

This is a 10 week program to students with very little to none knowledge of the Spanish language. At the end of this program you will know basic grammar and regular conjugations to be able to create small simple conversation.

$200 for 10 weeks. Limited space. You must register by March 28, 2018.


April 2, 2018...Monday at 6:30pm
April 5, 2018... Thursday at 10:30am

This group oriented class is for students with a basic understanding of Spanish grammar and things like greetings, time, numbers, regular conjugations, etc.

In this class the student will learn very useful complex grammar, irregular verbs and other material to help the student achieve a more advanced conversational level.

$200 for 10 weeks.
Deadline to register is March 28, 2018

Hola y Bienvenidos (Hello and welcome):

Not everyone learns well in a crowded class environment, which is why at Spanish Studio we focus on the individuality of each student with one on one private tutoring.
The Journey to learning a new language in one of commitment, desire, dedication and fun!!!

All our instructors in Spanish Studio are natives giving you a glimpse to our culture and traditions.

At Spanish Studio we emphasize grammar, reading, writing and of course conversation.

Along with your private tutoring we offer conversational classes and Spanish book clubs and many social activities where you can put what you learn in class into the real world.

Our students are from 5 years old to adult professionals trying to advance in their careers or just for traveling and fun purposes.

The first step is to sign up!, browse around our web and allow us to be your companion in this journey of the Spanish language and culture

The most important thing is Practice, Practice, Practice!!

Looking forward to see you soon!!

Hasta luego!

➨ Private Classes
➨ Conversational Classes
➨ Children Classes
➨ Monthly Cultural Exposure

All classes including the specials at Spanish Studio are private one on one with a native instructor.

Level 1 - Introduction to Basics:
Introduction to grammar, verb conjugation and comprehension.

Level 2 - Beginners:
To write, read and speak fluently in the present tense.

Level 3 - Intermediate:
Putting all prior knowledge into the past, future and conditional to be able to speak, write and read fluently.

Level 4 - Advanced:
Talking and using the Subjunctive mood.

This are classes for the advance student to practice conversation skills, to learn new vocabulary, and brush up some of the grammar for their conversation. Every month will be a different topic base on social issues, art, history and more, where students will have the opportunity to interact and practice their skills on the language.

Take advantage of Skype to learn the language or to practice what you have learned, the perfect tool to practice every day for 15 minutes or a full one hour class from the comfort of your home or office.

Either to learn the language as a choice or to help with homework or pass a test, our native instructor will guide the student to feel successful in all aspects of this beautiful language. (All classes are private tutoring).

From 4 years old to 17years old. (Conversational and interaction class for children (once a month)

Experience the Spanish Culture! (Call for details)

Spanish Language Services

Spanish Classes

Go out into any big American city, and chances are you’ll see or hear the Spanish language in action. It could be on advertisements catering to a Hispanic market, or in conversation. Someone might even address you in Spanish.

This is why so many people are signing up for Spanish for KidsSpanish lessons. A basic comprehension of the language is incredibly helpful in this day and age. Speaking Spanish fluently is a challenge, but it’s a goal that can be reached through diligence and enthusiasm.

The best way to learn is to practice constantly, and Spanish classes give you a way to do just that. You’ll be able to speak with people at the same level of fluency, as well as getting instruction Spanish Lessonsand guidance from those who are more experienced. You can also hire a Spanish tutor for more personalized instruction.

One also needs to be familiar with the culture behind the language. Those who want to study Spanish culture and history can find classes for that as well. This is especially important for fields like Spanish translation.

Spanish TutorThose interested in learning the Spanish language should enroll in classes at the Spanish Studio in Las Vegas, NV. This school is dedicated to teaching Spanish to beginning and advanced students alike, and also offers translation and interpretation services.

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